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Top Spa Trends for 2013

By , January 4, 2013

Another year, another set of Spa predictions from the folks at SpaFinder. Last year’s forecasts included less detox deprivation and more wining and dining, life coaching and evidence of spa treatments’ benefits. So what’s in store for 2013?

1. Healthy Hotels
The concept of hotels having an adjoining spa with little or no continuity between the two is set to become a thing of the past. Hotels are adopting the wellness ethos and approach of their spas and integrating their calming features into the hotels themselves.

2. The Mindfulness Massage
Massages that encourage you to truly pay attention to the hands of your therapist and precisely how your body is reacting to the treatment are being increasingly encouraged. Attune with your body on a greater level of awareness and find an even greater sense of peace in your massage.

3. Earthing
Promoting a more authentic connection with nature than just a background track of crashing waves, Earthing involves direct contact between bare skin and the earth. Expect more barefoot walking outdoors to absorb the benefits of the electron-rich soil.

4. Spa-Genomics – Telomers and Beyond
With advances in genetic medicine, more and more people are now aware of the illnesses and diseases they are most likely to develop later in life. The result is that they are taking pre-emptive action such as healthy eating, stress reduction and meditation in an effort to counteract their genetic fate, and often turning to the spa to do so.

5. Authentic Ayurveda & Other Ancient Revivals
Ayurveda and Ayurvedic teachings have been present in a substantial number of Irish spas for some time now, but are set to become even more popular in the coming year. Other ‘ancient’ and traditional treatments such as Turkish Baths are also set to grow in popularity.

6. Colour Self-Expression
In the beauty end of spa treatments, colour is expected to be big in 2013. SpaFinder says we should be seeing an explosion of neon lashes, flamboyant nail art and even colourful bodypaint and temporary tattoos on offer at the spa.

7. Inclusive Wellness
Spas are no longer about pampering alone, with many treatments already available to offer pain-relief and improved mobility for older spa-goers. This is set to expand even further this year, with spas increasingly catering to those who have disabilities. This movement is notably in keeping with the ‘functional fitness’ idea that has already been put forward in 2013’s Fitness Trends.

8. Label Conscious Fitness
Fitness fashion is already well-established in the U.S with fitness chains such as Equinox and Crossfit, and yoga clothing labels like Lululemon being household names. It is predicted that fitness branding will begin to trickle into other countries around the world in the next 12 months.

9. Men: From Barbers to ‘Brotox’
Men have quietly been coming to the spa for some time now, with spa treatments for men being far more readily available than in previous years. As it becomes more ‘normal’ for men to visit the spa, women can soon expect to be sharing the Relaxation Room with more and more members of the opposite sex.

10. Where the Jobs Are
One of the more economic predictions of SpaFinder’s report is the anticipation of growth in spa-related employment. As treatments become more specialised, there is a mounting need for highly trained and qualified staff at spas around the world.


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