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Fitness Trends for 2013

By , December 27, 2012

Itching to begin your New Year’s exercise regime? Us neither. Procrastinate a little longer and read up on the fitness trends for the coming year according to the American College of Sports Medicine.

1. Certified Fitness Professionals
Expect a steadily increasing demand for fitness instructors who are highly educated and accredited by reliable organisations.

2. Strength Training
While this has long been central to men’s fitness programmes, women are beginning to realise and embrace the importance of strength training for fitness, weight loss and toning.

3. Body Weight Training
Body weight training uses minimal equipment – if any – making it extremely popular for the budget-conscious customer.

4. Programmes Tackling Childhood Obesity
With continuing education cuts, physical education and extra-curricular sports are often first to go in struggling schools. To counteract this, a growing number of private classes have been designed to instil a healthy way of life in teens and children.

5. Exercise v. Diets
Fad diets advocating quick weight loss through food deprivation are thankfully dropping in popularity. Diets that also incorporate detailed exercise routines are finally gaining the recognition they deserve.

6. Fitness for Older Adults
Exercise programmes aimed at maintaining fitness levels into old age are on the increase. Ageing adults are far more health-conscious today than in previous generations, with many taking up regular exercise for the first time later in life.

7. Personal Training
As more personal trainers receive qualifications (see trend one), this once exclusive service is becoming more readily available. Increased numbers of trainers also means that prices are being driven down – so private training is more accessible than ever before.

8. Functional Fitness
Programmes aimed at simply improving your ability to perform day to day tasks (rather than achieveing extreme weight loss or excessive muscle tone) are on the rise. Whether it’s climbing the stairs at work or going for a run with the dog, ‘functional fitness’ considers general healthfulness the key objective of exercise.

9. Core Training
The survey suggests that development of core muscles is increasingly being appreciated for its effects on the extremities. Strengthening of the abdomen and back muscles is now being encouraged for overall stability, coordination and agility.

10. Group Personal Training
While personal trainers are becoming increasingly available and affordable, they are still out of budget for many. The result is groups of two to four people are now getting together to hire a regular trainer and splitting the costs between them.

What do you think? Will you be taking up any of these trends in 2013?


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