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Preventing the Signs of Ageing

By , March 20, 2012

Much of how our skin ages is decided by genetic or inherent factors, and the unfortunate fact of the matter is there is nothing that we – or miracle fix anti-ageing products – can do about it.  The good news is that our genes aren’t the only decider, the way in which we treat out skin also has a huge impact. We all know prevention is better than cure, so try these simple tips to ensure your skin stays looking younger for longer.

Wear Sun Cream
Wear sun cream. Every day, all year round, even in Ireland. This is one of the most effective ways you can keep skin looking younger for longer. Even the smallest amounts of sun damage cause irreversible ageing and will leave you looking like a sun dried prune long before your time. One of the easiest ways to incorporate this into your daily routine is to use a moisturiser or make-up with an SPF of 15 at the absolute least.

Don’t Smoke
This is the second greatest cause of skin damage after the sun. Aside from the dull, gray pallor it gives your skin, the motion of smoking will leave the mouth area riddled with unsightly lines that no amount of botox or collagen will ever completely fix. Smoking obliterates the skin’s natural collagen – the substance responsible for giving a plump, youthful look – and nicotine constricts blood vessels which in turn reduces the amount of oxygen flow to the skin.

Maintain a Regime
Get into a regular routine of cleansing and moisturising using products for your skin type for optimum results. Exfoliating once or twice a week will also promote long-term youthfulness, increasing blood flow and removing dead skin cells. If you can, get regular facials to target skin at a deeper level. Extortionately priced products and treatments aren’t always the most effective – find out what suits your skin best and there is no harm in the odd homemade facial for cheap, natural cleansing.

Don’t Forget the Tell Tales
Our faces aren’t the only part of the body that can unintentionally reveal our age – the condition of our hands, neck and décolletage are all huge tell-tale signs. Always use hand cream after washing with drying soaps and make sure to extend your cleansers and moisturisers past the jaw line and onto the neck and chest. Coat these areas in sun cream on a daily basis and simple habits like wearing rubber gloves while doing the washing up will help.

Lifestyle Choices
There are so many little things we can do on a daily basis to prolong a youthful appearance. Drinking plenty of water helps keep skin hydrated and plumps out fine lines, eating lots of fruit and vegetables fights damaging free radicals, exercising regularly boosts blood flow to the skin for increased radiance, and getting enough sleep prevents permanent dark circles and dullness of the skin. Relaxation is also important for a smooth complexion, with high stress causing us to develop deep frown lines and tired looking skin.


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