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Dr. LeWinn’s Line Smoothing Day Defence

By , September 11, 2012

Dr. LeWinn’s is a high end skincare brand designed by a renowned plastic surgeon. A bestseller in Australia, the brand was developed with intensive anti-ageing in mind. The Line Smoothing Complex products are designed for busy ‘superwomen’ who want maximum effect with minimum effort.

Dr. LeWinn’s Line Smoothing Complex Triple-Action Day Defence

The Dr. LeWinn’s Line Smoothing Complex comes in the form of a clear gel brimming with colourful capsules. Each of the tiny beads is said to contain a different anti-ageing ingredient – the gold being caviar extract, the lilac blackcurrant oil and the white Vitamin E.

The capsules are combined with a number of minerals and the time reversing ‘Snap-8’ complex. Hailed as a botox alternative, this anti-ageing weapon has caused quite a stir in the cosmetics industry and is also to be found in CACI Amino Lift Complex.

The ‘Triple Action’ aspect of the rather convoluted product name is a little unclear, but claimed effects include skin nourishment, regeneration, stimulation, free radical protection and a boost to collagen production. On skin, the Day Defence gel absorbs quickly and creates a vague tightening feeling without drying the skin.

Good for leaving skin firmed, refreshed and matte to the touch, the Triple Action Day Defence retails at €70. Dr. LeWinn’s is available from Arnotts in Dublin, Debenhams stores nationwide and select pharmacies.


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