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Top Tips to get Fit at your Desk

By , April 12, 2013

Do you spend 7 to 8 hours every day sitting at your desk ? Research has shown that sitting down or staying in a sedentary position for long periods of time can be dangerous for your health. Follow our top tips that will increase blood circulation and keep you fit and healthy while you work at your desk.

Squat before you sit

Stand about one inch in front of your chair, holding in your ab’s and stomach area.  Squat as if you’re going to sit, but just as your backside touches the chair, stand back up and squeeze the glutes. Doing this for one 1 minute everyday will help burn around 50 calories per week.

Stretch your hips while you type

While sitting at your desk with knees bent and feet on the floor, place one ankle on the opposite thigh so that your lower body forms the number 4. Exhale as you lean forward over the legs, keeping your back straight. Hold for three deep breaths, then switch legs. Work up to switching legs three times—or as many times as you can manage.

Tone your arms

Push ups – All you need is flat surface. You may not want to do push ups on the ground in work, so why not try push ups against a flat wall instead,  for example in the office bathrooms.  You will notice a difference in your arms after doing 10-15 daily push ups against a flat wall or try use the bathroom sink.

Tense your muscles

Sitting in a desk chair gives you an ideal opportunity to practice pelvic floor muscle stretches. Simply squeeze your muscles for 5 seconds and release for 10 seconds- repeat this 10 times throughout the day. This will help improve your ability to reach orgasm, control your bladder and other vital pelvic organs.

Reach for the ceiling

Are you hunched over your desk as your reading this with neck, back or shoulder pain? You’re not alone. Many office workers slump at there desks adding to bad posture. To help ease stiffness, reach both arms up to the ceiling and arch your back forward. Then bring the arms back down stretch forward, repeat every 20 minutes.

Talk a walk on lunch

Staying in the same position for long or extended periods of time is bad for your health, fact. On your lunch break squeeze in a brisk 10 minute walk around the office grounds or if it’s raining outside,  take the stairs to get your blood flowing.

If you’re a new to exercise, ease yourself in and read Five Ways to Make Exercise Easier


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