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The Maryborough Spa

The Maryborough Spa

Maryborough Hotel, Maryborough Hill, Douglas, Co. Cork, Ireland

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Three hundred year old historical gardens, rich in resplendent colours, luxurious scents and aromatic foliage surround the Spa at The Maryborough. On Cork City's doorstep, Maryborough Spa is an inviting tranquil retreat. Each treasured guest experiences personalised service and the ultimate in spa luxury.

Begin your journey to wellbeing as you indulge in the vitality pool, rock sauna, steam room, ice fountain, lifestyle showers and laconium in our thermal suite. Feel nestled in serenity in our relaxation room, where your therapist will collect you for your relaxing treatment experience.

A convergence of nature and science, the purity and naturalness of ESPA treatments combine ancient and modern Western and Oriental healing techniques designed to relieve stress, anxiety and fatigue, while promoting balance and inner harmony. Experience tension-relieving advanced facials that rejuvenate, refresh and renew, or tailored body treatments that incorporate superior massage techniques to detoxify, relax or energise.

You'll leave feeling totally calm, but quietly energetic with a rejuvenated sense of equilibrium.


Advanced Ayurvedic Wraps

Following a consultation to establish the Dosha, this Ayurvedic inspired treatment begins with a foot ritual followed by a full body exfoliation and an application of an individually Dosha specific wrap where you will receive a luxurious Indian Head Massage while you relax. After, a Dosha specific oil will be poured onto the body for your massage, leaving you revitalised.

Pitta Pacifier
Kapha Stimulator
Vata Comforter

One Hour 50 Minute Treatment - €180.00

To book please call +353 (0)21 491 8350 or email

Autumn Special - *Autumn Renewing*

50 Minute luxury Facial,
Skin care pack
Glass of prosecco post treatment


To book please call +353 (0)21 491 8350 or email

Autumn Special - *Inner Calm Autumn *

50 Minute relaxing Massage & a 50 Minute luxury facial

Glass of prosecco,
light lunch & skin care pack


To book please call +353 (0)21 491 8350 or email

Autumn Special- *Mindful Autumn*

*Mindful Autumn*

80 minute relaxing, ESPA mindful massage
Skin Care Pack

Choice of soup of the day OR Healthy Salad


To book please call +353 (0)21 491 8350 or email

ESPA Body Wraps

Not just a body wrap but also a life enhancing experience, which includes lymphatic skin brushing, body exfoliation, an application of specific aromatherapy oils and a complete enveloping body wrap of Marine Algae, Marine Mud or Oshadi Clay. Ultimate tranquillity is achieved with a mind calming Oriental Head Massage

Muscle Relaxer
Stress Reliever
Energy Booster
Jet Lag Eliminator

55 Minute Treatment - €100.00

To book please call +353 (0)21 491 8350 or email

ESPA Cellular Renewal Enzyme Facial

This powerful and highly effective facial boosts cell regeneration and gives an instantly smooth, softly glowing complexion. A skin brushing deep cleanse is followed by an intense Enzyme Peel containing botanical extracts to deeply exfoliate. The treatment is completed with a lifting and smoothing mask, which will give the skin a more plumped and firm appearance.

One Hour 25 Minutes - €150

To book please call +353 (0)21 491 8350 or email

ESPA Chakra Balancing with Hot Stones

Chakras are the seven subtle energy centres in the body which affect our equilibrium and inner harmony and through which one's life force energy flows.

Chakra balancing begins as the body is massaged with ESPA blended aromatherapy oils using volcanic hot stones. Stones are carefully placed on the Chakras and at vital energy points on hands and feet for balance and grounding. Gentle stretching helps release deep-seated tension around the neck and shoulders, and stones are positioned along the spine and on the energy points.

Critical tension points are massaged around the eyes and ears before an acupressure head massage is given to calm and soothe the mind and spirit.

One Hour 50 Minute Treatment - €180.00

To book please call +353 (0)21 491 8350 or email

ESPA Facials

Totally focused on naturally improving the condition of the skin and enhancing its appearance, all ESPA facials will benefit both men and women. Our luxurious facials include specialised double-cleansing techniques, gentle exfoliation, acupressure facial massage and a deep cleansing and intensive face mask. Whilst the mask is taking effect, experience a relaxing Oriental Head Massage with our Pink Hair and Scalp Mud, and then enjoy specific moisturising and skin protection to suit your needs.

Choose from the following Options:

Age Defyer
Skin Brightener
Oil Controller

55 Minute Treatment - €95.00

To book please call +353 (0)21 491 8350 or email

ESPA Full Body Massage

This massage is designed to aid in the specific and immediate needs of both men and women. Though consultation and ‘sensory testing’, the right body oils are selected to give your body the effects itself desires.

Body Toner
Muscle Relaxing
Stress Relieving

55 Minute Treatment - €95.00

To book please call +353 (0)21 491 8350 or email

ESPA Holistic Back, Face & Scalp Massage with Hot Stones

An all-embracing treatment commencing with an exfoliation and hot stone massage on the back with aromatic oils followed by a full ESPA Intensive Facial, with acupressure, face and head massage. This treatment has powerful de-stressing benefits to mind and body.

One hour 50 Minute Treatment - €180.00

To book please call +353 (0)21 491 8350 or email

ESPA Holistic Hand & Nail Treatment with Hot Stones

A holistic arm, hand and nail treatment including a therapeutic massage incorporating hot stone therapy with the appropriate aromatherapy massage oil chosen for your individual needs. Hands and nails are dipped in a warm envelopment of paraffin wax to nourish and condition, then wrapped in warm mitts.

55 Minute Treatment - €55.00

To book please call +353 (0)21 491 8350 or email

ESPA Holistic Leg & Foot Treatment with Hot Stones

An holistic foot and nail treatment including gentle skin softening, exfoliation, and a relaxing acupressure point massage with the appropriate aromatherapy massage oil prescribed for your individual needs.

55 Minute Treatment - €65.00

To book please call +353 (0)21 491 8350 or email

ESPA Holistic Massages

ESPA Aromatherapy Body Massage

A deeply therapeutic, holistic full body and scalp massage, using blends of essential oils which appeal deeply to the senses and whose aromatic appeal is a personal response to each individual's needs.

One Hour 20 Minute Treatment - €145.00

ESPA Swedish Body Massage

A traditional massage with regulated pressure, excellent for releasing knots and tensions in the body. Stimulating movements are used for effectively easing aching back and limbs, leaving the mind and body soothed and relaxed.

One Hour 20 Minute Treatment - €145.00

To book please call +353 (0)21 491 8350 or email

ESPA Pre/Post Natal Treatment

This treatment uses advanced massage techniques in safe areas to slowly relax and de-stress the body. The treatment begins with a gentle back exfoliation followed by a full body and scalp massage using Nourishing Treatment Oil.

One Hour 25 Minute Treatment - €145.00

To book please call +353 (0)21 491 8350 or email

Men's Face Treatment with Shoulder & Scalp Massage

This treatment has been designed to address the specific skin care needs of men. This relaxing facial hydrates the skin and leaves you feeling de-stressed and renewed.

55 Minutes - €95.00

To book please call +353 (0)21 491 8350 or email

Reviews of The Maryborough Spa

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Reviewed by Christine 30th December 2011
Fantastic Spa

"I'll start by saying I've never written a review before but I felt they deserved it so much I just had to.
From start to finish, absolutely excellent. My mum and I went to a different Spa last week and had an entirely different experience so I guess we appreciated it even more.
We were led down into a beautiful atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the hotel. The facilities were clean and luxurious. Even the floor is heated. The pool is on par with the best, great jacuzzi, jets and sauna etc.
The massage was excellent. We both had back massages for 50 euro each. We had the exact same thing last week elsewhere and paid the same amount and I have to say this far far far exceeded that massage. The staff were also really helpful and took the time to understand what kind of massages would suit us best.
Great atmosphere, great facilities and even better friendly staff. Thanks :)

mary byrne
Reviewed by mary byrne 1st November 2011
Pure Heaven

"I just had the pleasure of a pure pamper weekend last weekend. We decided to treat ourselves to a few treatments. I had a massage and a facial and felt like a new being when I finished. It probably helped that I could relax for an hour before in the thermal area and then Aoibheann collected me.
I was totally refreshed and would recommend this to all people who want to take time to themselves.

Laura O Leary
Reviewed by Laura O Leary 25th October 2011
Totally Refreshed

"Recently went to The Maryborough Spa for a massage, been there a few times before, wanted a massage as a method of stress relief, everything from the friendly approach at reception to the massage to the therapist and massage was extremely professional. Perfect place to relax and unwind, I would def recommend and will be back."

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