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Fota Island Spa

Fota Island Spa

Fota Island Resort Fota Island, Co. Cork, Ireland
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The concept behind Fota Island Spa, Cork is one of wellbeing, offering a unique combination that caters for both the restoration of personal energy and vitality or holistic relaxation and pampering. Fota Island Spa, at the Fota Island Hotel & Spa, lies deep within one of the most dramatic and outstanding natural settings on the Irish Coast.

Breathe the pure air, let your eyes linger over the stunning views of the Resort's mature woodlands and surrender yourself to the luxurious natural serenity of Fota Island Spa, this is the magic that awaits in one of Cork's finest Spas.

The Spa features a full fitness suite with Life Fitness equipment, an indoor heated swimming pool (children permitted 9-12pm and 4-6pm) and a superb hydrotherapy suite, home to Ireland’s only walking river, which is renowned for its assistance in healing sports and fatigue related injuries.

With eighteen spacious treatment rooms offering over sixty treatments, Fota Island Spa is rightly regarded as one of Ireland's finest and best equipped spas.

Spa Deals


Body Treatments

Body Treatments from Fota Island Spa

50 mins | €100

An intensive treatment with thermal water from Bagni di Pisa which aids a remodelling action. Essential oils and Fucus and Laminaria algae synergistically act to improve visible signs of cellulite. Suitable for all cellulite types.

50 mins | €100

An intensive thermogenic treatment with Fucus algae, ideal for the most visible and resistant cellulite imperfections and to support visible improvement of the

50 mins | €100

A marine cosmetic treatment with alginates and Laminaria algae to mineralise, hydrate, and tone the skin.

50 mins| €105

An anti-ageing treatment to improve the tone and elasticity of the skin, using an antioxidant mask, rich in biological Tamanu Oil and green walnut extract, it
hydrates the skin leaving it soft and silky

To book please call +353 (0)21 488 3700 or email

Comfort Zone Facials

Comfort Zone considers skin as the mirror of our mental well-being, physical state, and the daily choice we make. The brand's mission is to promote holistic, soulful, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle, with advanced science-based conscious solutions to visibly improve skin, body, and mind.


50 mins | €105

The perfect antidote to modern fatigue and urban lifestyle, this facial is ideal for when you feel your skin is starting to show the first signs of ageing. Customisable to correct dullness, dehydration, and expression wrinkles. The combination of /Skin Regimen/ natural aroma, Macro Waves Sound, and massage techniques such as unique Qigong and Rolling Roullage will leave you
feeling recharged and ready to face your busy days.
[comfort zone]


50 mins | €100

Leveraging the power of natural active ingredients and the signature Comfort Touch Face Massage, these prescriptive facials ( Hydramemory, Remedy or
Active Pureness) rebalance the skin with specific solutions for every skin condition.


50 mins | €110

This treatment combines Bamboo back massage followed by [comfort zone] taster facial. Suitable for all skin types and for both men and women.

To book please call +353 (0)21 488 3700 or email

Hand & Feet Treatments at The Nail Bar

50mins | €60

Soak your tired hands in warm aromatic water. Then a deeply relaxing and de-stressing hand massage will be performed using Swedish massage movements, to ease tension and stress away. To finish cuticles will be trimmed, nails will be filed, shaped, and polished with your choice of colour of a regular nail polish.


Gel overlay is applied to the natural nail. Lasting up to two weeks.

50mins | €60

A results-orientated, medi-pedi that delivers while your tired feet relax in a warm aromatic foot bath to de-stress the mind, body, and soles. This is followed by a foot exfoliation to soften callus skin and a soothing Swedish foot massage. To finish, cuticles will be trimmed and your nails will be filed, shaped, and polished with your choice of colour of a regular nail polish.

Add on |€20
Two Week Polish to your De-Stress Manicure or Foot Logix Pedicure

To book please call +353 (0)21 488 3700 or email

Massage Treatments from Fota Island Spa

Relax and unwind with one of our massage treatments.

65 mins | €125

This unique treatment combines three aspects which work synergistically to relax, ease muscle tension, and instil peace and a sense of well-being in the mind. It brings balance and harmony to the energy centres of the body. Aromatherapy harnesses the energy and therapeutic benefits of the finest organic flowers, herbs, and resins to create an oil that is pleasing to the senses and a harmoniser of energy. Each massage is infused with a gentle healing energy which adds an extra dimension to the treatment. Deeply relaxing, the Chakra balancing energy flows through the entire Chakra system clearing any blockages, warming both body and emotion and bringing harmony and healing to your body, mind, and spirit.

50 mins | €105

This classical massage uses a technique to manipulate muscles with a variety of strokes. This massage will stimulate circulation, ease muscle tension, improve flexibility, and promote relaxation.

50 mins | €90

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that promotes healing by stimulating the nerves in the body and encouraging the flow of blood. It has been known to
help alleviate physical and emotional stress.

50 mins | €90

An acupressure massage concentrating on the soles of the feet, combined with massage of the toes, ankles, and calves. The Oriental Blend is ideal to remove the feeling of heavy tired legs and aid the elimination of toxins. Thai foot massage detoxifies the immune system and improves quality of sleep. Regular treatments help to relieve everyday stress and reduce the risk of lifestyle
ailments, which cause damage to the cardiovascular system. Complete your journey with a cup of green tea which will aid the removal of toxins.

50 mins | €115

This treatment reflects the Bamboo Full Body Massage with particular emphasis on the back of the body. Recommended for fatigue, chronic stress, and
lack of energy, it is customised to suit your needs. It is also beneficial for back pain resulting from muscle tension.

25 mins | €65

Express massage using classical techniques to stimulate circulation, ease muscle tension, improve flexibility, and promote relaxation.

80 mins | €125

A rejuvenating Body Polish, followed by a luxurious Body Wrap and completed with the application of a nourishing body oil. Indulge in luxurious experience combining revitalisation, relaxation with the absorption of active ingredient chosen during your individual consultation with your therapist to find your skin & body needs (chocolate, grape, green tea, coconut, honey, algae)

80 mins | €125

A rejuvenating Body Polish, followed by a luxurious Body Wrap and completed with the application of a nourishing body oil. Indulge in luxurious experience combining revitalisation, relaxation with the absorption of active ingredient chosen during your individual consultation with your therapist to find your skin & body needs (chocolate, grape, green tea, coconut, honey, algae)

To book please call +353 (0)21 488 3700 or email

Me Time, Tea Time

To Energise, Calm, Detoxify or Cleanse

Customise your Tea Time, Me Time experience by choosing one of the following 50 minute treatments from the list below to suit your individual needs, combined with the Hydrotherapy Pool experience. Complete your
luxurious afternoon getaway with Afternoon Tea served in the Amber Lounge:

-Bamboo Back of Body Massage
-Joy of Beauty Facial
-Thai Foot Massage
-Indian Head Massage
Me Time, Tea Time | €110pp

Monday - Friday only until Sept. 30th

To book, please contact Spa Reservations:
T 021 467 3131 E

To book please call +353 (0)21 488 3700 or email

Water Treatments | Hydrotherapy Bath

Multi massage bath incorporating colour light therapy to relax the mind and body.

Seaweed Bath
Indulge in a multi massage bath with micronised laminaria seaweed to revitalise the body.

Sea Crystal Bath
Unwind with Dead Sea Crystals to remineralise and ease aching muscles.

Berry Bath
Rejuvenate and prevent free radicals with the anti-ageing properties of berry extract.

Chocolate Bath Salts
Relax and combat mental fatigue through the active ingredients of the cocoa bean to experience total well-being.

Green Tea Bath Salts
Detox in a green tea infusion to stimulate the elimination of toxins and refine your silhouette.

Tranquility Bath
Bask in nourishing tranquility oil to deeply hydrate and moisturise the skin.

Milky Bath
Treat yourself to a Milky Bath designed to leave you feeling cleansed and relaxed. Using the milk bath powder to soften, nourish, and hydrate the skin.

Mineral Wellness Bath
Experience wellness in this purifying, remineralising, and muscle relieving bath. Leaves the mind and body feeling cleansed, balanced and rested.

20 mins | €55

To book, or should you have any queries, please contact Spa Reservations on:
T: 021 467 3131

To book please call +353 (0)21 488 3700 or email

Reviews of Fota Island Spa

Based on 8 review(s)
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Reviewed by Helena 28th September 2014

"I was here for the full day package which is €195,for that I got 3 treatments and lunch. The staff were lovely and I had the same therapist for the day which was nice I was able to build up a rapport with her, the changing rooms were not nice and are shared with people using the hotel pool, no privacy and no zen like feeling to the place. The lunch was also disappointing, I placed my order when I arrived only to be told after my first treatment that what I had ordered was no longer available, at 12.30am! So I had to make do with some cold wrap instead as they only offer an alternative from the Spa menu even though you have to get redressed to go across to the main hotel restaurant as there isn’t one in the Spa and because of this I would have thought they might have allowed me to choose from the restaurant menu. I've been to nicer Spa's and much better value for money so I won’t be returning."

Reviewed by Local 6th May 2014
Not value for money

"I had the “Lighten your legs” treatment which is a maternity treatment. Very disappointing for 55euros and would have expected a lot more. All it involved was a soak of the legs first and then I’d say no more than 3 massages of each leg - only the lower leg. This is the 2nd time I have been disappointed by the spa. The last time I rang up to make an appointment and specifically asked could I have a face massage, but then when I went for the treatment I was told they could do a facial only. While the spa is very nice I think the treatments need to be upped as I don’t think they are good value for money."

Dissapointed Woman
Reviewed by Dissapointed Woman 6th January 2014
Treated badly

"I'm used to high end spas to be quiet and relaxing. When I was shown to the changing room I was shocked, it wasn't like any spa I've been to before, it was to be honest, a locker room like you'd find in a public swimming pool. The hotel pool and the spa share changing room, So what you get is lots of women and children coming in from the pool when you are supposed to get into your robe and slippers. I found that very off putting as well as the lack of privacy, I had to change in front of all them. Then I had an issue with the size of my robe. I'm not a small women and I had to go back to reception to ask for a bigger one, that was embarrassing enough. I had to ask a further two times and each time they gave me the same size. One receptionist even laughed at me when I asked for another robe. I felt awful and left in tears. It was horrible and mortifying, I would not recommend this spa! "

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