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Fota Island Spa

Fota Island Spa

Fota Island Resort, Fota Island, Co. Cork, Ireland

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Reviews of Fota Island Spa

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Reviewed by Helena 28th September 2014

"I was here for the full day package which is €195,for that I got 3 treatments and lunch. The staff were lovely and I had the same therapist for the day which was nice I was able to build up a rapport with her, the changing rooms were not nice and are shared with people using the hotel pool, no privacy and no zen like feeling to the place. The lunch was also disappointing, I placed my order when I arrived only to be told after my first treatment that what I had ordered was no longer available, at 12.30am! So I had to make do with some cold wrap instead as they only offer an alternative from the Spa menu even though you have to get redressed to go across to the main hotel restaurant as there isn’t one in the Spa and because of this I would have thought they might have allowed me to choose from the restaurant menu. I've been to nicer Spa's and much better value for money so I won’t be returning."

Reviewed by Local 6th May 2014
Not value for money

"I had the “Lighten your legs” treatment which is a maternity treatment. Very disappointing for 55euros and would have expected a lot more. All it involved was a soak of the legs first and then I’d say no more than 3 massages of each leg - only the lower leg. This is the 2nd time I have been disappointed by the spa. The last time I rang up to make an appointment and specifically asked could I have a face massage, but then when I went for the treatment I was told they could do a facial only. While the spa is very nice I think the treatments need to be upped as I don’t think they are good value for money."

Dissapointed Woman
Reviewed by Dissapointed Woman 6th January 2014
Treated badly

"I'm used to high end spas to be quiet and relaxing. When I was shown to the changing room I was shocked, it wasn't like any spa I've been to before, it was to be honest, a locker room like you'd find in a public swimming pool. The hotel pool and the spa share changing room, So what you get is lots of women and children coming in from the pool when you are supposed to get into your robe and slippers. I found that very off putting as well as the lack of privacy, I had to change in front of all them. Then I had an issue with the size of my robe. I'm not a small women and I had to go back to reception to ask for a bigger one, that was embarrassing enough. I had to ask a further two times and each time they gave me the same size. One receptionist even laughed at me when I asked for another robe. I felt awful and left in tears. It was horrible and mortifying, I would not recommend this spa! "

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