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Winter Skincare Tips

By , December 2, 2010

The cold clear days of winter can be incredibly harsh on your skin. Switching constantly from being inside where it’s warm to the cold outdoors can damage skin or leave it looking dull. For many the problems don’t end at dryness, skin can become flaky and cracked and even inflamed. Our guide to winter skin protection can help keep you glowing all winter.

Use Protective Moisturisers
The Irish weather won’t adapt to suit your skin, so you must adapt your skincare routine to suit it. A moisturiser that works wonders for you in the summer may not be as effective in winter. Oil based moisturisers create a protective layer on the skin that will help to keep in moisture.

Not all oils are suitable for the face however so it’s best to look for non-clogging oils like avocado oil, mineral oil, primrose oil, or almond oil. If you’re unsure what you need it’s best to ask. It’s the perfect time of year to book a facial to assess your skin needs and get product recommendations.

Beware Of The Sun
Sun cream isn’t just for the summer. Even in winter there can be large amounts of UV light, especially when it has been snowing as it will reflect the sun’s harmful rays. Applying sun cream to exposed areas like hands and your face can make a big difference. Ladies can also use a make up with UV protection.

Helping Your Hands
The skin on your hands is often the most difficult area of your skin to keep moisturised. Hands have fewer oil glands and the skin is a lot thinner than the rest of your body. Hands are also washed more frequently and exposed to hand sanitizers.

To give your hands a treat invest in a pair of moisturising gloves. Slather your hands in moisturiser before bed and slip on the gloves. Instead of rubbing off on your bed sheets your hands will be cocooned with the cream and you’ll awake to perfectly moisturised hands.

Be Prepared
Either in your handbag or in the boot of the car it’s always handy to bring spare gloves and socks in winter. Wet fabric against the skin can cause irritation or even a flare up of eczema. Fleece gloves are handy when you’re on the go as they will dry quickly on a radiator. 

In winter it can be hard to drink enough water, especially when tea or hot chocolate may seem like the favourable option. If you find it difficult to drink water when it’s cold try switching to hot water with a little bit of lemon or lime.

Nourish Your Nails
Your extremities take the most abuse in the cold.  Freezing temperatures and icy surfaces can be devastating to your nails. It’s tempting to cover cracked or damaged nails under winter woolies, but when the Christmas party season arrives you’ll be sorry. To strengthen nails, try using Neem Oil or a strengthening polish.

Get Lippy
Lips can become easily chapped during winter, and are often forgotten about until they become sore and cracked. A good lip balm will mousturise, but also provide a barrier to protect the lips from the elements. Lip balms with vitamin E will help the skin’s elasticity. If it snows or you’re lucky enough to be going on a winter skiing holiday don’t forget to buy a lip balm with UV protection.


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