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Top Tips To Reduce Bags Under Your Eyes

By , August 31, 2018

If you are inclined to get bags under your eyes then listen up. There are many serums and creams on the market but these don’t always seem to do the trick. However little changes in your routine and with a few of our simple tips you’ll be on the road to reducing those bags in no time.

1. Stay Hydrated

Glass of water

Staying hydrated is very important, not just to keep our skin looking good but also for our bodies to function properly. Our body weight is made up of 60% water so it’s not surprising that being dehydrated contributes to bags under our eyes. It is recommended we drink around 2 litres of water a day. If you’re not a fan of water try fruit infused water to make it more exciting.

2.  Apply Tea Bags


Tea is not just good for drinking they also offers great benefits to our beauty regime. The caffeine in the tea help reduce dark circles and bags under our eyes. All you need to do is steep 2 teabags for 3-5mins, then let the teabags chill in the fridge for 20 mins, squeeze out the excess liquid, apply to your under eye area and leave for 15-30 mins.

3. Cold Compress

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Applying a cold compress under your eyes can do wonders to reduce those dark circles. You can create your own cold compress at home, you can use a chilled teaspoon, cool cucumber, wet face cloth or even a bag of frozen veg. Before you apply the cold compress make sure you wrap it in a soft cloth to protect your skin from getting too cold.

4. Eat More Collagen Rich Foods


As we get older our muscles and tissues that support our eyelids weaken which means the skin around our eyes can begin to sag. Eating foods rich in Vitamin C can help our bodies absorb more hyaluronic acid which keeps our skin looking young. Hyaluronic acid is an essential acid that is naturally found in the body but the amount stored decreases with age. Eating foods rich in Vitamin C can also help with collagen production. Good sources of Vitamin C include oranges, broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale and red peppers.

5. Cut Back On Salty Foods


Eating too many salty foods could be one of the main causes of those bags under your eyes. Salt contributes to our body’s fluid retention and can make you puffy all over, not to mention can lead to stroke and heart disease.


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