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Top 7 Reasons Why People Fail to Follow a Diet Through

By , July 5, 2013

Following a healthy diet can be stressful, challenging and daunting, especially when you have a slow metabolism and don’t lose weight that easily. Lack or loss of motivation isn’t the only reason why people fall off the bandwagon, so we’ve put together a list of common factors to look out for when you’re on a diet.

1.      People Are Unrealistic

One of the most common reasons why people don’t see their diet through is because they are too hard on themselves with unrealistic expectations. If you were used to eating fatty, greasy or sugary foods and all of a sudden you swap all the grease for fruit and vegetables, of course your body will struggle to adapt.

To avoid quitting because you can’t deal with the extreme change in your diet, ease yourself into the diet and once you get the swing of things, allow yourself a small tasty treat every once in a while – it’s not going to undo all of your good work if it’s only very rarely eaten.

2.      The Don’t Track Progress

People sometimes don’t realise how important it is to track your progress when on a diet. You might feel as if you haven’t lost any weight or inches from your waist, which can be very discouraging, but there’s no way of actually knowing unless you actually track your progress.

Now don’t lose the run of yourself and weigh yourself twice a day because your weight fluctuates throughout the day, rather weigh yourself in the morning every couple of days to see how you’re getting on.

3.      They Only Focus on The Diet

It’s a real pain, but the truth is, drastic weight loss doesn’t happen from just a diet. You need to change your lifestyle aswel, include at least 30 minutes of daily exercise and get a good night’s sleep every night.

All this, teamed with a healthy diet, should have you piling off the pounds far more easily than if you were just to focus on your diet.

4.      Slow, Sluggish Metabolism

A slow metabolism can really affect weight loss, slowing the whole process down even if you’re killing yourself at the gym and chomping down those leafy greens.

But don’t give up if don’t see the scales moving for a while, try these simple tips to help boost your metabolism and that should get the weight loss ball rolling again in no time.

And don’t forget, nearly everyone hits a plateau at some stage – a stage in a diet that can last for a few weeks, where you just can’t budge any weight. Motivate yourself by reminding yourself that “This too shall pass”.

5.      Lack of Motivation & Ambition

Losing weight is not an easy battle to fight, but it’s extremely worth it, and that’s what you need to keep reminding yourself. Sometimes people expect to have a transformation within the first week or two, and when that doesn’t happen they think “What’s the point?”. The point is that it can, and will, happen if you stick at it for long enough.

Remember to strive towards a goal, set yourself a target weight and have the ambition to keep the weight off long-term.

6.      Lack of Moral Support

If you are serious about sticking to your diet, tell your friends and family! Moral support from family and friends will help you stay on track when you lose your determination and will power, sometimes that extra little push from someone else is all you need.

You certainly don’t need them munching on chocolate and fast food in front of you, make sure they fully understand how much this means to you so they can support you accordingly.

7.      Their Diet is Low in Nutrients

People sometimes forget that diets should be low in calories, without taking away from the nutritional value of the diet. A healthy balanced diet should be low in harmful fat, but high in minerals, vitamins, and essential amino acids.

Don’t starve yourself either, eat healthy sized portions full of nutritional value, but low in fat. Think about it this way, if you are hungry, you’re far more likely to binge on those fatty, greasy and sugary foods you worked so hard at to give up.





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