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Top 5 Reasons To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

By , May 11, 2018

Cleaning your makeup brushes is very important, not only for makeup application but also for your skin itself. It is recommended you give your brushes a deep clean once a month and use a brush cleanser for weekly cleaning to keep your brushes in tip top shape. You may be like ugh effort of that but after reading our top 5 reasons you will be cleaning your brushes straight away, I’m sure of it.

1. Better Application

When your makeup brushes are clean your makeup glides on much easier and gives you a much better finish. When there is old makeup on your brush it is much harder to get the look you want. If you used your eye shadow brush for example to do a smokey eye when you go to use that brush again it will still have residue of the dark shadow on your brush and ruin your eye look your going for this time.

2. Escape Germs

Dirty makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria. This is obviously not ideal for your skin but also bacteria will taint your makeup products and spoil their shelf life.

3.  Avoid Breakouts

When we use our makeup brushes they collect everything on our skin, including oil, dead skin and anything else that may be resting on our skin. Everytime you go to apply your makeup with your brushes you are spreading this combination all over your skin, clogging your pores, resulting in spots, not ideal.

4. Maintain Soft Brushes

Unclean brushes bristles become hard and dry making them quite rough to use on your skin. Using un soft brushes can really irritate the skin and can feel uncomfortable too. If you clean your brushes regularly your brushes are more like to stay nice and soft and not damage your skin.

5. Preserve Your Brushes

If you look after your brushes by cleaning them weekly they will last a lot longer and will save you having to re buy your brushes. If you treat your brushes with care they will carry out their purpose much easier and give you that finished look you want.


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