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Top 4 Ways To Avoid Storing Carbs as Fat

By , October 10, 2013

Carbohydrates and their advantages or disadvantages are one of the most debated topics in the dietary scene. Some diets suggests no carbs at all, while some suggest only eating carbs.

While we’re not sure whether any of these diets are worth a try, we do know that there are certain ways to minimize the disadvantages of carbohydrates. Follow the four steps below and avoid storing your carbs as fat, instead use them up for energy:

1.    Eat Most of Your Carbs After Exercising

The best time to eat carbs is after you have done an intense workout session because your body needs more insulin straight after exercise, and carbs increase insulin production.

While you exercise you are using all your body’s energy in the form of glucose and glycogen, so your body then releases a stress hormone called cortisol. This breaks down your muscle tissue and converts it to more glucose. So when you eat carbs after a workout you are helping your body recover from this muscle breaking process and replacing your body’s energy fuel.

2.    Avoid Eating Carbs For Lunch

You should try to avoid eating carbohydrates at lunch time because when carbs are not assisting in the muscle breaking process above, they can cause you to become less alert and unfocused due to increased starch levels in your body. And  of course, the middle of your day is the worst time to become unfocused.

Instead, you should save carbs for your evening meal, that way they can help you relax in the evening when all your work is done for the day.

3. Don’t Drink Sugary Drinks When Eating

To avoid storing carbs as fat, you should definitely avoid sugary, fizzy drinks when you are eating. Sugary juices and drinks can cause your digestion to slow down, which will lead to more calories being converted straight to fat.

Stick to water during your meals because it will keep you hydrated and speed up your digestive system, allowing you to burn more fat.

4. Eat Carbs With Protein

It is sometimes argued that carbs and protein slow down the digestive system when eaten together, but the digestive system is perfectly capable of breaking down different food types all at once.

It’s best to eat carbohydrates and protein together because you will feel fuller and more energized, but you will be consuming less calories and fat.


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