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This Tan Gets A Tan Out of Ten From Me

By , September 7, 2017

Technic is an award winning, cruelty-free cosmetic brand based in the UK. Technic covers all your makeup needs from eyes, to lips, nails, face, tan and accessories. As you know I recently tried out some makeup products including the new Prism range from Technic and I was lucky enough to also try out their new tan range a couple of weeks ago. The package came at the perfect time as I was just about to go on holiday, which was in Ireland so was great as with Irish weather I definitely wasn’t going to get a natural tan.

The guys at Technic kindly sent me out 4 of their tan products including their Tan out of Ten Self Tan Lotion, Tan out of Ten Self Tan Mousse, Tan out of Ten Instant Tan Matte and Tan out of Ten Instant Tan Shimmer. The packing really stood out to me, I love the name “Tan of of Ten” such a clever name. They also have #TanThursdays on the bottle which is so relevant to all of us.

The first tan I tried was the Self Tan Mousse. I found this a fantastic product to use, it is suitable to apply to your face too which is great. The tan has a gorgeous smell of coconut as it has added coconut oil, vitamin E, Coconut and Papaya fragrance. The bottle has a pump lid so it is really easy to get the amount of product you want. It is so easy to apply and dries in seconds. I woke up the next morning with a gorgeous natural looking tan with no strikes which is what all of us want to achieve when applying false tan. To prolong the tan I moisturised everyday after I showered.

The next tan I tried was the medium Self Tan Lotion. Again like the mousse this has a convenient pump lid and is suitable for both body and face. The lotion also has a gorgeous smell of coconut as like the mousse it contains coconut oil, vitamin E, Coconut and Papaya fragrance. The lotion is so easy to apply and dries instantly which is great. The product feels very moisturising on your skin and when you wake up you are beautifully bronzed which is the result we all want when we apply tan right?!

Last but not least I tried out the instant tan in matte and shimmer. I found this tan fantastic if you want an instant colour and don’t have time to wait for a tan to develop.  The matte is great for both day and night whereas I’d just wear the shimmer in the evening as it gives you a nice shimmering glow for your night out on the tiles. You can purchase all of Technic products here


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