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The gentler way to deal with Oily Skin

By , March 28, 2008

Dermatologists report that whilst teenage acne has long been a well-known phenomenon, blemishes have become an increasingly frequent motive for consultation amongst women in the 20-40 age groups. This “physiological” acne is triggered in adulthood with no apparent link to an extension of the adolescent phase. This problem is thought to be due to hectic lifestyles, stress, pollution, the use of poor quality cosmetics, lack of sleep, or menstrual cycles.

Importantly, women of all skin types can experience blemishes over the age of 20 and since a large proportion of these sufferers will have dry and/or sensitive skin they need to be careful with their selection of an appropriate treatment. Some traditional anti-acne remedies can be too strong or harsh for many skin types.

Unlike classical keratolytic ingredients which exfoliate skin cells in clusters, La Roche-Posay LHA™ allows skin cells to come off one by one. This specific mode of action provides a gentle, precise and targeted micro-exfoliation for improved tolerance and efficacy.

La Roche-Posay products are tested and recommended by dermatologists and are available exclusively from pharmacies nationwide.


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