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The Alexander Technique

By , October 19, 2011

The Alexander Technique focuses on the relationship between the head and the spine and the effect it has on our overall wellbeing. The belief is that a head poised correctly at the top of an erect spine will allow for healthy movements within the rest of the body, while one which is positioned in a compressed manner will create negative ones.

The technique is designed to rectify any habitual bodily movements that contribute to aches and pains. It can also be beneficial for those who don’t experience any physical problems, helping to ease movement and improve balance and coordination. The intention is for the body’s allocation of effort and energy to be realigned so as to avoid unnecessary over-exertion.

Classes aim to teach the body to regress to the posture we have as very young children just learning to walk. This initial stance of a child is one of ease and natural balance, straight-backed with head and limbs lightly and unconsciously positioned. The Alexander Technique believes that it is the stresses and strains of everyday life that cause this posture to deteriorate over time and physical ailments to develop.

A typical class will involve an instructor helping students through basic movements, whether simple lifting of limbs or actions such as sitting or walking. Attention is drawn to problematic habits and instructors will sometimes physically position you into the correct stance.

The technique is suggested for those suffering from repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain or general discomfort that arises from spending long hours at a desk. It is also said to benefit musicians, dancers and athletes, but can be of use to anybody. Students often report feeling as though they are walking on air after a few classes.

None of the activity involved is strenuous, nor does it require a minimum fitness level. Classes are suitable for all ages, including the elderly who may be experiencing less flexibility than they once had. Classes in The Alexander Technique are available nationwide.


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