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Spa Treatments & Pregnancy

By , May 27, 2010

Pregnancy is a time to pamper yourself.  Your changing body needs caring for and you may be experiencing some symptoms you wouldn’t mind relief from.  And let’s not forget, your wellbeing is essential to the health of the little one that will soon be along to disrupt your usual spa habits!  So treat yourself during the few special months you have, you deserve it.

Spa Treatments to Avoid while Pregnant
Unfortunately there are some aspects of your spa visit that will have to change a little when you become pregnant. 

These include anything that involves high temperatures, such as jacuzzis, saunas, steamrooms and heated wrap treatments etc.  Indoor swimming pools and baths (once not scalding hot) are fine though.

You may also have to give certain products a miss.  Salicylic acid, which is a common ingredient in chemical peels and some skin care products, is not suitable for use while pregnant.  Some natural and herbal products can also cause problems so check with your therapist or doctor.  Believe it or not, even certain essential oils are known to induce contractions so proceed with caution. 

Don’t forget to give the spa a heads up if you’re suffering with morning sickness.  They can see to it that your room gets extra ventilation, and if you’re feeling extra sensitive to smells they can avoid any heavily scented products that could set off your nausea.

Safe Therapies for Mums-to-be
Fortunately, there are also spa treatments that can help with the effects pregnancy has on your body.  Combat any increased breakouts with a facial to unclog pores, or give your expanding tummy to a gentle moisturising scrub to prevent itchiness.

There will come a stage in your pregnancy when giving birth sounds like a doddle compared to attempting to paint you own toenails.  Treat yourself to a pedicure to see you through until you can touch your toes again. 

Rigorous manipulation of the skin is not recommended when pregnant, especially on the legs, so indulge in some gentle massages to relieve leg cramps, fluid retention and swollen ankles.  Your therapist will help you find a comfortable position for your treatment.

Acupuncture and Reflexology are both safe treatments when pregnant once the person administering it is fully trained in treating pregnant women.  These treatments can be helpful in relieving symptoms such as morning sickness, back pain and heartburn. 

Different spas have different policies for treating pregnant women so check in advance of your appointment.  At-risk pregnancies may not be recommended for some of the treatments above and it’s important to let the spa know you are pregnant if you’re not showing yet.

But finally, don’t forget to book yourself in for a treat for after the baby arrives.  Avail of one of many packages specifically designed for post-birth for a much deserved reward.


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