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By , August 30, 2011

Reiki is an alternative medicine treatment with origins in Japan. The practice is designed to treat the body using a flow of energy, aiming to reduce stress, promote wellbeing and treat any specific ailments the patient may be suffering from.

A Reiki treatment will usually take place in a lying down position while fully clothed. The practitioner will place their hands on or a few centimeters over certain parts of the body, slowly moving over particular areas. During this time, the therapist focuses on transferring healing energy from their own hands to the body.

The belief behind the practice is that when the body’s life force energy is running low, feelings of stress, anxiety and illness follow. Reiki is said to restore this energy through concentrated transference from the practitioner.

Users of Reiki often report feelings of warmth or tingling as the hands move around the body, while others don’t experience any physical sensation. Many forms of western Reiki follow Chakra lines of energy over the head, torso, knees and feet to promote healing in specific areas of the body.

Localised treatments are also available if Reiki is being used to treat a specific problem. However, as an alternative treatment, it is not advised for use in place of prescribed medicines but rather to complement them.

Reiki is available from Mount Juliet Spa, Co. Kilkenny; The Cloisters Spa, Co. Kerry; Fota Island Spa, Co. Cork; Revas Spa, Co. Limerick; and a number of other spas around the country.


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