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Rainforest Spa is Ireland’s First Certified “Cancer Aware” Spa

By , May 15, 2015

The award-winning Rainforest Day Spa in Enniskerry is the very first spa in Ireland to be officially certified as “Cancer Aware”.

The spa was awarded with a certified “Wellness for Cancer” badge by SpaFinder and Wellness for Cancer, the first ever organisation to establish standardised and safe cancer-focused training and treatments for the spa and wellness industry.

Rainforest Spa saw the need for specialised and safe treatments for cancer patients due to the increasing number of spa customers who were affected by or living with cancer. And so the initiative to develop a programme of specialized spa treatments that are not only safe, but effective and beneficial, was born.

What is a “Wellness for Cancer” badge?

This badge identifies a spa as a provider of safe, therapeutic services and treatments to clients who have experienced or are living with cancer. You will see this badge on Rainforest Spa’s page on

Chief brand officer of Spafinder Wellness, Inc.®, Mia Kyricos explained, “Our goal is to help those living with cancer—including friends, family and co-workers to easily find ‘Cancer Aware’ wellness locations like Rainforest Spa with confidence”.

“Cancer patients and survivors are among those who need wellness services the most, and through our partnership with Wellness for Cancer we can help them lead healthier lifestyles and decrease the stress and anxiety associated with cancer.”

How do we know these “Cancer Aware” treatments are safe?

Complimentary holistic therapies are endorsed by the Irish Cancer Society as a beneficial, alternative therapy that goes hand-in-hand with traditional medical treatments.

The therapists at Rainforest Spa have been expertly trained by the leading U.S based cancer care holistic specialist, Christine Clinton. She has worked very closely with Rainforest Spa on this programme and the team of therapists hold advanced certificates for carrying out spa cancer care treatments.

How can “Cancer Aware” spa treatments help cancer patients?

These specialised cancer-focused treatments are aimed at easing the pain, discomfort and stress of both men and women who are living with the disease. They can be availed of before, during or after their programme of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Studies show that the power of touch can help decrease stress, anxiety, depression, pain and fatigue for both cancer patients and survivors. This programme of Cancer Care treatments can give patients “an increased sense of well-being and an increased perception of their quality of life”, according to the Irish Cancer Society.

What else do I need to know about Rainforest Cancer Care?

  • Spa cancer care treatments should never be substituted for professional medical treatments

  • They work alongside traditional medical treatments to improve the quality of life

  • Treatments are one-hour long and expertly tailored to each client’s exact physical and emotional needs in a relaxing non-clinical setting

If someone close to you is going through treatments or living with cancer, these safe and specialised treatments could provide great relief and a much-needed sense of relaxation for them. Book directly with the spa or give them the gift of peace with a gift voucher, accepted in Rainforest Spa.



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