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Protect your skin from the Cold Weather

By , January 13, 2017

The cold weather is here which means hats, scarves, gloves and winter woollies. The cold can make us feel miserable and have a huge impact on our skin. This time of year means our skin is being exposed to the blustery cold and then once we get inside we are blasting the heat, which is harsh on the skin going from one extreme to the other. You don’t have to suffer though with our helpful 5 tips.


It is very important to remove dead skin cells so our skin can absorb moisture easily. You don’t have to exfoliate everyday as this would be too harsh on the skin but once or twice a week is enough to ensure your skin can absorb the moisture it needs.




When it’s cold out a lot of us think we don’t need SPF but in fact we really do. Even though we don’t get much sun there are still UVA and UVB rays that to the naked eye we can’t see but are highly damaging to our skin. SPF creates a protective layer for your skin which is needed in this harsh weather.


It is important to moisturise all year round but during the winter months it is good to use moisturisers that are oil based rather than water based as the oil creates a protective layer on the skin and retains more moisture.

Water Temperature

When we are out in the cold all we want to do is get inside and have a hot shower. This might seem like a good idea but it is doing your skin no favors. What you are actually doing is striping the skin of its protective oils so you’re better off sticking to mid temperature showers.

Protect Your Hands

The skin on our hands is thinner than most parts of our body and has fewer oil glands so it is important that we take steps to help protect them during the winter. The cold weather can cause our hands to loose moisture resulting in them becoming dry and sometimes causing cracking and itchiness. To help prevent this from happening moisturise your hands daily and wear gloves when you are out braving the cold.


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