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By , February 23, 2012

Lu’Lur is a full body ritual which translates from its native Javanese as ‘coating of the skin’. It’s a pampering experience designed to relax and rejuvenate while softening and moisturising.

The treatment originated in Indonesia, where royal brides would traditionally undertake a Lu’Lur ritual in preparation for their wedding. This ritual would span 40 days and involve head to toe pampering of the bride-to-be by older women in the family.

The history behind the treatment has led to it being dubbed ‘the princess ceremony’ in the west, and it’s regarded as a particularly indulgent treatment. A Lu’Lur ritual usually takes around two hours and involves a number of processes.

The treatment varies a little from spa to spa, but most incorporate a full body massage and scrub and some form of floral or milk bath, usually of the feet. Specially selected exotic plants, herbs and spices are used in the process, taking inspiration from the treatment’s Indonesian roots. Turmeric and jasmine in particular are signature ingredients.

Benefits of a Lu’Lur treatment can include improved circulation and elimination of toxins, but it is predominantly a pampering treatment and its greatest result is the silky smooth skin it leaves you with.

Lu’Lur treatments are available from Vedas Beauty, Co. Dublin; Seascape Spa, Co. Donegal and Nadur Spa, Co. Kerry.


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