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How To Stay Motivated To Eat Healthy

By , August 29, 2013

Eating healthy is no easy task, and however daunting it is to start eating healthy, that’s not really the hard part – the hard part is sticking at it.

You tell yourself that you’ll “start again tomorrow” or “one biscuit won’t hurt” and before you know it, you’ve fallen completely off the bandwagon… we’ve all been there!

Here are some simple, but effective tips to keep you on the straight and narrow when eating healthily.

1.       Try New Foods and Flavours 

Eating healthy does not mean steaming some broccoli and green beans and depriving yourself of wonderful, flavoursome food. Explore new, exciting foods and vegetables that you never ate beforehand. Visit a specialty foods store for some exotic, healthy ingredients and get a new cook book to learn how to spice things up a bit!

2.       Don’t Do It Alone

Rope one of your friends or family members into eating healthily with you, you’ll be surprised at how much you can motivate one another! If you the people you surround yourself with are munching on veggies and fruits as well, you will be less tempted to sneak yourself a chocolate bar.

3.       Think Short Term

There really is no point in setting yourself an unrealistic, looming goal or target that is miles away in the future because it will seem too daunting and you will eventually give up because it seems too far away. Instead keep your goals short-term –  take each day as it comes and feel happy about what you accomplished that day, rather than counting down the days until you’re finished.

4.       Take Note of Health Improvements

Eating healthy has loads and loads of benefits other than slimming down, so take note of any other improvements you notice along the way. Feeling more energetic, feeling happier,  weight loss, having reduced cholesterol levels and blood pressure are just some of the benefits you might notice – by taking note of these, you’re reminding yourself why you should continue eating healthily.


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