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How To Protect & Strengthen Your Hair

By , September 5, 2013

Just as your skin ages, so does your hair and it needs just as much TLC as your skin regime. Here are some top tips to slow down the effects of aging, and to give your hair the extra oomph it needs:

Replace Old Brushes and Combs

Using the same brush or comb for too long can actually damage your hair. Missing bristles and broken teeth can cause your hair to break while it is being brushed. Buy new brushes and combs as soon as you start to see those signs of wear and tear, and opt for brushes with natural bristles.

Also, wet hair should be combed out in sections rather than attacked with a brush as this causes your hair to break and fall out.

Protect Against Heated Styling Tools

Nowadays almost everyone has their own straighteners, curlers and hairdryers, but unfortunately for our hair, that comes with a price.  These tools that give us the sleek smooth hair we want, also damage and dry out our hair.

Before you apply heat to your hair, spray on a hydrating protective heat spray to damp hair. These sprays contain moisturising and conditioning ingredients, such as glycerine, that coat your hair strands to help protect them against the damaging effects of heated styling tools.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

As you age, hormonal changes can cause you to lose nutrients that keep your hair glossy and healthy. This can cause your hair to dry out, lose bulk and become finer. Ask your hairdresser for a suitable deep conditioning treatment and apply it for twenty minutes to half an hour each week.

And if funds are tight, there really is no need to spend a fortune on fancy conditioning treatments, you can also apply regular conditioner to the ends of your hair for half an hour before rinsing out.

Don’t Over-Wash Hair

Most women often think that they should wash their hair every day or as soon as it shows signs of grease, but this can actually end up damaging your hair. Washing your hair too often strips it of natural oils and dries it out. For most women, 3 to 4 washes a week will suffice.

It does no harm to leave your hair to get greasy every now and again to help the natural oils repair any damage your hair has suffered.




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