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How to Get the Most from your Spa Treatment

By , November 10, 2011

Reaping the full benefits of a spa treatment isn’t as simple as just turning up for your appointment – there are a number of factors that can either enhance or entirely negate the desired results. Try these simple steps to ensure your spa treatment fulfills your expectations and you leave feeling rested and content with the experience.

The most effective way of preparing for a spa treatment is to arrive early. Leaving it to the last minute will not only mean your treatment time could be cut short, your body will also be in a state of stress from rushing. Take plenty of time to unwind prior to your treatment so you are at your most receptive to relaxation.

Spending some time in the sauna or steam room is particularly beneficial before a massage as your muscles will be loosened and warmed up and your pores opened. Heavy meals and alcohol should be avoided before a spa treatment and if you have any special needs or requirements they should be mentioned at the time of booking.

During Treatment
Don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re unhappy with any element of the session, from the pressure of touch used to the music, lighting or temperature of the room. The level of conversation should also be led by you: if you would like to talk to the therapist then do so, but if you would prefer silence then the therapist should refrain from chatting. 

Lastly, try to relax and enjoy the treatment without tensing up. If you find your mind wandering back to stressful issues then try focusing on the movements of your therapist’s hands, breathing deeply and concentrating on how the treatment feels on your skin.

While the spa will need to prepare the room for the next person, you should be allowed up to five minutes to get up from the table. Don’t feel rushed to jump straight up as standing suddenly following a treatment can cause light-headedness. If your therapist discusses skincare products with you after treatment feel free to ask questions but don’t feel pressurised to buy if you’re not interested.

If the spa has a Relaxation Room, post-treatment is the ideal time to take advantage of it. Spend some time enjoying the peace and quiet so as to retain the feelings of pampering while you gradually come back to reality. If there isn’t a facility for this at the spa then make sure to take some time out somewhere you feel comfortable before heading straight back into every day life.


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