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How to Become a Morning Person

By , January 24, 2013

You’re running late for work, bed hair still standing on end and battling that niggling feeling that you’ve forgotten something. The occasional disastrous morning is inevitable. But when every day starts like this, it can start to take its toll. Ease yourself into better mornings with these tips and tricks – you’ll be amazed at the knock on effects for the rest of your day.

Take it Slow
Slowly adjust your bedtime by going to bed just 10-15 minutes earlier each night and setting your alarm 10-15 minutes earlier. The first few days or even weeks may be difficult, but you will eventually adjust. Think of it as a new time zone and stick with
it until you begin to wake at the same time each morning without an alarm. The best way to achieve this is to rise at the same time on weekends as you do during the week.

Bright Lights
Another way to adjust your body’s rhythms is to wake to a bright room. This tells the brain that it’s morning and time to get up, and is one of the reasons it’s easier to get out of bed in summer. Turn the lights on as soon as you wake up on dreary winter mornings, or even better, invest in an alarm that lights the room just before you wake up. Likewise, try to dim your surroundings in the evenings so your body begins to prepare for sleep.

Imitate Early Risers
Think of the habits of morning people. They might arrive at work after a workout, shower, healthy breakfast and some time to mentally prepare for the day. This is just as much a cause of their sunny disposition as it is an effect. If you arrive at your desk 20 minutes after getting out of bed, there is no way you will be as alert as someone who has been awake and active for two hours. Don’t go joining the gym straight away, just get up a little earlier and reap mood-improving benefits such as a less congested commute.

Don’t Skip Breakfast
Take the extra time you now have in the mornings to invest in a decent breakfast. This is one of the best ways to counteract tiredness as you adjust to your new waking time. Fill up on fresh, high-energy foods such as fruit, oatmeal and eggs to avoid running on empty.

Good Beginnings
Start your day off with something enjoyable to give yourself an incentive to get out of bed. Take the dog for a walk, have something especially delicious prepared for breakfast, or simply take half an hour to read a book. Beginning your morning with a calming activity will help retain a feeling of balance and positivity throughout the day.


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