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Health Enhancing Apple Crumble

By , October 3, 2010

The unusual (and wonderful) thing about this healthy apple crumble recipe is that there is no cooking involved. It contains brazil nuts, which are bursting with nutrients and antioxidants; pecans, which boast over 19 vitamins and minerals and may even lower blood pressure; and dates, which are packed full of minerals and fibre. This combined with the fact that all ingredients are raw, and therefore maintain the best of their health boosting properties, may just make this the healthiest dessert you will ever devour!

2 cups of Brazil and Pecan Nuts
2 Cups of Fresh Pitted Dates
½ Tsp of Cardamom
¼ Tsp of Nutmeg
Pinch of Salt
6 Large Apples
2 Tbsp of Lemon Juice

Blend the nuts in a food processor until they are in small crumbs. Then add the spices and one cup of the dates and blend again until you have a crumble. Have a taste and see if you’re happy with it, you can add more of the spices if you like or blend it further for a more doughy consistency. Then press the crust into the shape and size of the dish you will be serving it in and freeze until it is firm.

While you wait for this, slice four of the apples and place them in the dish. Cut the remaining two apples into small chunks and blend them with the second cup of dates and the lemon juice. Once it is smooth and even, mix it in with the sliced apples. Finally, place the crust you made earlier from the freezer and place it on top. You can either eat it as is or refrigerate until cold.


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