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Get Prettier While You Sleep…Tell Me More

By , July 27, 2018

We sleep around 6-8 hours a night, and what if I told you with a few simple steps you could actually get prettier while you sleep, you’d prob say I was insane. Well with a few simple night time rituals you will be able to reduce your wrinkles and have fresher, younger looking skin in no time.

1. Sleep On Your Back

If you don’t want wrinkles then sleeping on your back is a good start. A lot of us sleep on our side, and if you’re like me there’s always one side you prefer sleeping on more. You may even notice that you may have more set-in wrinkles on that particular side compared to the other.

2. Satin Or Silk Pillowcase

Think of how much time we spend in bed during our life….a lot. That’s why it is important to have fibres and textures that our soft on our skin. The textures in a silk pillowcase helps soften wrinkles and fine lines as there’s less friction between your skin and the pillowcase.

3. Change Your Pillowcases Often

We rest our heads on our pillows every night for 6-8 hours so it is important to change them regularly so we are not resting our lovely cleansed faces on a bed of bacteria. It is recommended we change our pillows once a week and flip them over on the days we’re not changing them.

4. Wash Your Face

I know this may be an obvious one but we are all guilty of going to bed with our makeup on. If you’ve been on a night out or just too tired still always try remove your makeup as it will benefit you in the long run. You don’t have to do your full cleansing routine but just make sure your face is clean and makeup free. There’s nothing worse than waking up with panda eyes and mascara halfway down your face.

5. Moisturise

It is important to hydrate our skin when we sleep, that’s where a luscious night cream comes in. A moisturiser with hyaluronic acid is key as it attracts water into the skin which helps soften out wrinkles. There are also some sleep in masques you can apply that can do wonders for your skin.


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