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Garra Rufa Fish Therapy

By , February 23, 2011

More commonly known as the ‘Fish Pedicure’, Garra Rufa Fish Therapy is a unique treatment for dry and cracked feet. Originating in Turkey, and with a long standing tradition in the East, this treatment has recently gained popularity in Ireland and is available in spas and salons nationwide.

The treatment has been given a scientific name: ichthyotherapy – the use of fish to treat illness. During a treatment session, feet are placed in a tank of warm water containing the Garra Rufa fish which will gently nibble away any dead dry skin.

The sensation is usually described as being a little ticklish but completely pain-free. The fish tend to target dry patches around the heel and soles of the feet first, as well as the nails. For those suffering from psoriasis or eczema on the feet, they will have a nibble at any sore, red or thickened areas.

The Garra Rufa themselves are members of the carp family of fish. They are usually around 10cm in length and sourced from Turkey and surrounding countries. Surprisingly they don’t actually have any teeth so there is no risk of being bitten, the dry skin is removed using their large lips.

Don’t hesitate to ask about the health and safety procedures at the spa if you have any concerns about your treatment. Water in the tanks should be filtered regularly and they need to be cleaned between each treatment to avoid the transferal of verrucas and other common foot problems.

You will find the treatments in Margarita Beauty Salon in Sutton, Dublin 13 and Sole Therapy Fish Spa in George’s Arcade, Dublin 2.


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