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Our Fave Seaweed Spa Treatments in Ireland

By , July 1, 2016

It’s no secret that the healing power of Irish seaweed is phenomenal. You’ll find authentic Irish seaweed spa treatments all across the country and we’re on a mission to discover the best ones.

VOYA is one of the key players when it comes organic seaweed baths and skincare treatments but hopefully you’ll discover a few new gems from reading this.

1. Organic Seaweed Foaming Peat Bath at Delphi Spa in Connemara

Delphi Spa’s most popular treatments are hands-down their selection of seaweed baths. They even added a Double Seaweed Bath room this year so you can enjoy seaweed baths with your friends or in their shared seaweed bath for couples.

But our favourite has to be their Organic Seaweed Foaming Peat Bath. This treatment combines all of Ireland’s natural healing ingredients for a super soothing and restorative seaweed bath. Immerse your body in organic hand-harvested seaweed from VOYA and detoxifying Irish peat from Sligo. This seaweed bath increases circulation, reduces the appearance of cellulite, soothes muscle aches and energises the mind.

Seaweed baths at Delphi Spa

Seaweed baths at Delphi Spa

45 minutes | €39.50 – Book here

2. Seaweed Jelly Twist at The Peninsula Spa in Dingle

We love when spa’s get inventive and use the natural ingredients around them to create innovative spa treatments that you wouldn’t commonly see, and that’s exactly what The Peninsula Spa at Dingle Skellig Hotel have done here.

A natural cane sugar scrub packed full of vitamins prepares your skin to soak up the fertile minerals in the body wrap that is to follow. The body wrap is made up of freshly harvested active seaweed jelly from the shores of the Kerry coastline. A pressure point massage, facial and heated protein hair wrap complete this magnificent authentic Irish treatment.

Watch a video of the treatment here.

90 minutes | €90 – Book here

3. The Repechage Four Layer Facial at Spa Elysium in Mayo

VOYA isn’t the only seaweed skincare brand that will delight your skin. Repechage spa treatments are equally exquisite and this facial in particular at Spa Elysium in Broadhaven Bay Hotel is well worth trying out. It was hailed “the best facial of the century” by Cosmopolitan magazine.

As suggested by the name, the facial treats the skin with 4 layers of fresh seaweed ingredients. The seaweed itself used in this treatment is of European origin.

The 1st layer of the treatment involves an application of concentrated seaweed liquid to detoxify the skin. The 2nd layer involves a creamy seaweed massage and for the 3rd layer, a light seaweed mask soothes the skin. Lastly, a fresh seaweed thermal mask rich in minerals deeply penetrates the skin.

Glowing, healthy and deeply cleansed skin is the result you can expect.

70 minutes | €70 – Book here

4. Seaweed Leaf Hot Stone Massage at No.1 Pery Square in Limerick

This is another VOYA spa treatment, it’s available in lots of spas around Ireland but there’s something very special about the atmosphere of The Spa at No.1 Pery Square which is set in a vaulted candle-lit basement.

This is no ordinary hot stone massage. As the hot stones soothe your muscles, organic seaweed extracts are released from warm seaweed leaves and essential oils to revitalize the whole body.

Voya Seaweed Treatments at The Spa at No. 1

Voya Seaweed Treatments at The Spa at No. 1

90 minutes | €120 – Book here

5. Restorative Earth Ritual at The Wells Spa in Wicklow

This is a Wells Spa signature treatment from the Flourish Organics skincare brand. Starting with a restorative dead sea salt scrub with frankincense and benzoin it eases muscle tension and exfoliates the skin in preparation for a laminara seaweed body wrap.

The seaweed wrap is followed by aromatherapy massage using a blend of chamomile, marjoram and benzoin to restore and renew your mind emotionally and strengthen it against stress.

120 minutes | €125.00 – Book here

If you think we’ve missed any top notch seaweed baths or seaweed spa treatments, tweet us on @spas_ie.

If you’d like to treat someone special to a therapeutic seaweed spa treatment or seaweed bath, many of the spas in Ireland with Seaweed Baths accept our Gift Vouchers. So you can let your loved one pick which spa or spa treatment tickles their fancy the most.


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