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Easy ways to Detox

By , July 20, 2010

Typically something reserved for that post-Christmas sluggish feeling, our bodies could actually stand to benefit from detoxifying a little more frequently than Santa visits. A good detox will rid your body of the toxins that we ingest every day. Our liver and other organs do this naturally to some extent, but it is when toxins start to build up that we get that feeling of tiredness, irritability and general bad health.

The benefits of a detox are countless. Increased energy, improved concentration and better sleep are just some of the advantages you can expect. It is also good for your health in the long term and benefits your immune system. For the most noticeable effects, your detox programme should last between one and three weeks.

Whether you are just cutting certain things from your diet or going on a fully fledged lemon and maple syrup fast, we have listed some easy ways to optimise the results of your detox.

Eliminate Stimulants
This means giving up alcohol, caffeine and sugar for the length of your detox. You may experience withdrawal symptoms at first, but this will go after a few days. Processed foods and saturated fats should all be cut from your diet as well.

Raw Food Diet
Try eating only raw foods for the duration of your programme as cooking can often kill many of the best enzymes in food. It will also help you incorporate more fruit and vegetables which are essential to a healthy detox.

Exercise is an easy way to rid your body of toxins, as when you sweat you are flushing them out. Regular exercise helps your body excrete toxins quicker than if you only do it once in awhile.

Probably the simplest thing you can do to keep your body cleansed and healthy is to drink more water. Water flushes toxins from your system and is essential for keeping your skin hydrated. Filter your tap water if possible and check labels on bottled water. Pure spring water is the best option.

Dry Skin Brushing
Not only is this good for problems such as cellulite, it is also extremely beneficial when detoxing. Dry skin brushing opens up pores, making it easier for toxins to be

This has a similar effect to dry skin brushing in that it breaks up toxins and excreted, and breaks up any toxin build-up under your skin. Brush in long sweeping motions towards the heart with a soft bristle brush just before showering.

stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems. It can also be a welcome treat if you are finding your detox a little hard-going. Make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards to eliminate the toxins that have been broken down.

Hot Baths or Saunas
The steam from hot baths and saunas opens your pores, meaning the exit of toxins is made that little bit easier as you sweat them out. If you are taking a bath, add some Epsom salts as they naturally draw toxins from your skin.


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