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Drop two dress sizes in 28 days

By , July 30, 2008

THE award-winning Revas Spa, Adare are pleased to announce the launch of the new Futura Pro weight loss treatment, which is suitable for both males and females and is medically approved. This state of the art computerised machine can tailor a weight loss programme specifically for your needs. Revas Spa is among the first to introduce this to Ireland.

The Futura Pro introduces a new Bioptic impulse that combines with Muscle Stimulation, Micro Currents, Ultracell and Ultrasound Transmission in over 150,000 progressive programme stages, specially formulated to encompass every body form. “This is truly the ultimate”, Orla O’Gorman, Proprietor of Revas Spa told “There is simply nothing like it on the market because a Futura Pro is the avant-garde of design offering quality and guaranteed results–drop two dress sizes in 28 days.”

This treatment is not a quick fix. It guarantees long-term results as the unique bio-frequency has the ability to change the way the body processes fat. The treatment changes the body permanently by increasing the metabolism. This is a real breakthrough as most treatments only offer temporary solutions. “Developed by Krishn Shaefer Centofanti and Professor Gerta Verbora of University College London, this unique weight loss and slimming system offers tailored treatments for all by the use of Bio Simulation. Electrodes are applied onto the area to be treated and the treatment time lasts 30 minutes. Customers are guaranteed privacy and confidentiality and there is no pain involved. It is fantastic for cellulite and works on scar tissue as a result of surgery etc.

”A qualified specialist team is on hand to tailor an individual programme to suit all weight loss goals. The programme entails a 30 minute clinical treatment where an application of bio-simulation electrodes are applied to the body which burns calories, uniquely liquefies fat and drains it away, and significantly increases the rate in which we turn fat to energy as a result, serious weight loss is achieved.

“The Futura Pro has an inbuilt computer system and will design a programme to suit you. It will advise you on the amount of treatments required to achieve your goal. The Futura Pro programme is used by Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow and the cost of the treatment vary, depending on the BMI and various other factors, which will be dealt with in a discreet consultation.”

“The Futura Pro offers unlimited individual programmes as it creates a treatment plan based upon the particular details of age, gender, weight, measurements, body type, problem areas and desired results.” One Bioenergy System with multiple therapies, the Futura Pro has the answer to everything you need–slimming, anti-cellulite, anti-ageing, wrinkle reduction, detox, deep lift & tone, massage, body sculpting, separate male & female personalised programmes, post natal, reflexology, acupressure and chromotherapy to name but a few. “The Bioenergy System has been conceived to do all the work, making weight loss simple. A team of specially qualified therapists will work with you to help you achieve your dream weight,” added Mrs O’Gorman.

If you wish to arrange a consultation with one of our qualified specialist team, please contact Revas Spa, Limerick.


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