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DIY: Turn Broken Bits & Bobs Into Useful Household Items

By , March 27, 2015

Things break all the time, particularly if there are kids around the house. But before you throw these things in the bin, take a look at these inventive ways to reuse normal household items for different purposes.

It could turn into a really fun craft day with the kids.

  • Turn a broken picture frame into an earring holder

Remove the glass and the back from the picture frame until you are left with a completely empty frame. Grab some wire, staple it into the back and voila, you’ve got a little clothes-line-esque hanger for your earrings.


  • Use broken pots as markers for your herb garden

Instead of abandoning broken flower pots, why not take a piece of the broken pot and write a herb name on it and place it in front of said herb? It’s an efficient and pretty way to organise your herb garden. Broken tiles could work also.


  • Turn broken crayons into colourful candles

This is one the kids will love helping you with. Gather up any broken crayons  you have lying around (it may take a while to build up a big enough collection) and arrange them into colour categories. Melt each colour and pour them into a clean, empty jar with a wick already inserted.  Let each colour set before pouring in the next colour.


  • Use a broken rake to hang things up

Use a broken rake to hang up your kitchen utensils, as a wine glass holder or even as a key holder. You can paint it to match your colour scheme and it will be super-handy for storing things out of the way.

Source: tatterdstyle,

  • Turn broken door knobs into fancy wine corks

Hang onto your wine corks and screw old door knobs into them for a really quirky wine cork.


  • Use empty tins to store your hair or makeup brushes

Soak your tins to remove any wrapping and of course sterilise them. Then paint them any way you want to and you could end up with some really cool storage for your hair or makeup brushes.




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