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DIY: Make Your Own Organic Lipstick

By , May 8, 2015

Commercially bought lipstick can be chemical-laden and not all that beneficial for the health of your lips and skin, even if it looks fabulous.

Making your own lipstick can guarantee that lipstick will be organic and of good quality. Plus if you’re into arts and crafts, you’ll have lots of fun making it and experimenting with different colours and shades.

This recipe from Wellness Mama is really easy to follow.

What You’ll Need
For the basic un-coloured lipstick:

  • 1/8 teaspoon of beeswax pellets/pastilles
  • 1 teaspoon of shea butter
  • 1 teaspoon of coconut oil
  • Empty, sterile lipstick or lip balm container

Add one or more of these ingredients to change the shade:

  •  1 teaspoon of beetroot powder
  • Natural food dyes
  • Juice from berries
  • 1/4 teaspoon of organic cocoa powder
  • Cinnamon (tiny pinch)
  • Turmeric (tiny pinch)

With the food dyes and berry juices, add the tiniest drops very slowly as a little goes a long way with these. With the other powdered ingredients, the measurements aren’t set in stone – play around with different quantities for different colour intensity levels.

You can also add in any essential oils to enhance the scent, but add very sparingly as the more liquid goes in, the more the overall consistency changes.

If you want to make more than just one lipstick, just make sure all the base ingredients are of equal measure.

How It’s Done

1. Melt the beeswax pellets, shea butter and coconut oil in a small glass bowl over boiling water – keep an eye on it as the mixture will melt quite quickly.

2. Remove from the heat and add your colouring ingredients bit by bit along with a drop of essential oil if you wish.

3. Play around with a mixture of ingredients for different shades, for example. mixing beetroot powder and cocoa might result in a really nice dark purple shade, whereas beetroot powder alone will leave you with a bright pink shade.

4. The key is to pour the mixture into its container before if begins to solidify. It’s most convenient if you pour it into a clean, empty lipstick or lip balm stick but a little pot will do also.

5. Don’t fill the mixture to the top as it will expand a little bit as it cools.

Once you’re done, try to store your homemade lipstick in a relatively cool place to avoid any messy melting situations. Thank you WellnessMama for this super-easy recipe, let us know if you give it a go!


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