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Creme de la Mer

By , May 4, 2011

Crème de la Mer has gained worldwide popularity for the acclaimed soothing and nourishing properties of their products. The brand produces moisturisers, eye treatments and serums.

The original Crème De La Mer Moisturising Cream was actually developed by an aerospace physicist, Dr. Max Huber. Having suffered severe chemical burns during an experiment, he set about developing his own repair cream when nothing else he tried was successful in reducing the appearance of his scars.

After 12 years and thousands of experiments, he came up with the La Mer ‘Miracle Broth’. This nutrient-rich solution is based on seaweed kelp and still forms the foundation of Creme de la Mer products today.

The particular type of seaweed kelp used in the broth is harvested off the coast of California just twice a year to maintain its presence and growth. La Mer has partnered with Oceana in more recent years, an international ocean protection organisation, in an effort to conserve the source of their key ingredient.

The kelp, along with the other ingredients in the Miracle Broth, is then fermented for months before the final product is developed. This careful and drawn out bio-fermentation process is credited with the quality Creme de la Mer has become known for.

Besides the original Crème de la Mer, cleansers, tonics, infusions, serums, eye treatments, UV protectors, lip balms and lighter versions of the moisturiser are available today. The development of each product follows the original guidelines as set out by Dr. Huber and each individual jar is filled by hand.

Creme de la Mer products are available to buy from Brown Thomas and a small number of online retailers.


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