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The Correct Order to Apply Your Skincare Products

By , September 30, 2016

Having radiant, healthy skin and keeping it that way is no walk in the park. It takes consistency and a thorough skincare routine.

The problem with implementing a really thorough skin care regime is that the list of products can build and build and the order in which you apply them really does matter.

There’s no point putting so much effort into looking after your skin if you are applying the products in the wrong order because this can affect the performance of certain products and your skin doesn’t get the full benefit of them.

So what is the correct order?

1. Exfoliate

On a normal day, cleansing is the first step but on the days where you are exfoliating your skin (you should do this once or twice a week) it’s a good idea to exfoliate before you cleanse. Exfoliating the skin will remove all the dirt, dead skin and surface bacteria leaving your skin perfectly prepped to let the cleanser really penetrate the skin for a deep clean.

2. Cleanser

Step 1 on a normal day is always cleanser. There is zero point applying expensive lotions and potions onto a dirty canvas, your skin will just become clogged and be unable to absorb the beneficial ingredients of the products to follow.

3. Toner

You should always use toner after you cleanse. It will refresh your skin, remove any last traces of dirt and makeup and the right toner for your skin will also attract moisture from the air which helps your skin to absorb the hydrating products to follow.

Always check the label of your toner and make sure it’s not pumped full of harsh ingredients and alcohol.

4. Spot Cream(optional)

This one is obviously an optional step for people who suffer with acne or hormonal breakouts. Right after cleansing and toning is the optimal time to apply a product like this as it needs to be as close to the skin as possible so it can be deeply absorbed into the skin with no barriers in its way.

5. Serum

This step is where people usually begin to trip up. The reason you should apply your facial serum before your moisturiser is because your moisturiser will often be of a thicker consistency and might contain oil. This will act as a barrier on the skin and stop the serum penetrating the deeper layers of your skin.

Because serums are really concentrated and very dense in nutrients that address specific concerns it’s better to keep them as close to the skin as possible, just like the spot creams.

6. Eye Cream

Your moisturiser and serum should not be applied to the eye area. The skin around the eye is extremely sensitive and creams that are too rich will result in those little white bumps called milia which we definitely don’t want.

It’s good practice to apply your eye cream first as a reminder to yourself that you don’t need to go to this area by the time you are applying your moisturiser.

Another tip is to apply your eye cream gently with your 4th finger as this will apply the least amount of pressure to the skin which will help to prevent creating unnecessary wrinkles.

7. Moisturiser

Nearly there! Next up is your moisturiser. Again, remember to avoid the eye area and massage your chosen moisturiser into the skin in a circular motion.

8. Facial Oil(optional)

If you suffer from extremely dry skin you could apply a facial oil from time to time. As a rule, facial oils can get through moisturisers but moisturisers cannot penetrate through oils so make sure to apply the oil after the mosituriser.

And that’s it in a nutshell! If want all your products to play their role and work together in harmony, then it really is crucial that you apply them in this order.


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