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Chakra Massage

By , April 10, 2012

Chakra Massage originates with ancient Hindu practices and follows the belief that the body is governed by the balance of seven key points. These seven ‘chakras’ are stimulated in a massage treatment to promote overall wellbeing through the correct channeling of various energies.

According to the ancient beliefs, the seven chakras are to be found along the spine, running from its very base up to the top of the head.  The energy of each individual chakra is said to be reflected in the health of its corresponding organs.

The first, the Base or Root Chakra at the very bottom of the spine, governs lust, obsession and survival. The next is called the Sacral Chakra and controls the reproductive organs, emotions and imagination. The Solar Plexus Chakra is located at navel level and reflects the digestive system.

Above this is the Heart Chakra, a point of control for stress, the immune system and overall happiness. The fifth is the Throat Chakra which deals with communication, and the sixth is the Brow Chakra which is often referred to as the Third Eye. This is where intuition and awareness are affected. Lastly, the Crown Chakra represents an inner wisdom and reflects union of the other chakras.

A Chakra Massage aims to assess the state of each of the body’s chakras and bring them into a balance so they are neither under or over-active. Treatment involves stimulation of the seven points by hand and often with specific coloured crystals that have been traditionally used in the treatment for hundreds of years.

Results include stress relief, mental clarity and increased energy, as well as possible side effects such as improved digestion. Chakra Massage is available from The Spa at The Four Seasons Hotel, Co. Dublin; The Spa at Druids Glen Resort, Co. Wicklow; The Maryborough Spa, Co. Cork; ESPA at The Europe, Co. Kerry; and a number of other spas across the country.


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