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7 ways to be Happy – According to Deepak Chopra

By , April 30, 2013

Daily struggles can get us all down, depressed and sometimes forget what is really important in life. New age guru, Deepak Chopra, lists his 7 guidelines for a healthier, happier life. Oprah is one of his biggest fans, so we figured Chopra’s mantras must be doing something right.

1. Life has a purpose. When you live up to that purpose, inner happiness develops.

2. Inner happiness can’t be taken away.

3. In place of consumerism, you can base everyday happiness on relationships.

4. In place of distractions, you can fill your time with activities that make your heart grow.

5. You can find a place beyond fear that crises and anxiety cannot touch.

6. You can find a place of peace that stress cannot wear out.

7. Wellness will make your body happy.

More information on Deepak Chopra can be found here.


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