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5 Sneaky Triggers For Migraines

By , August 23, 2013

Those who suffer from migraines know that there is nothing worse, and sometimes you can almost feel it coming on before it really hits hard. But have you ever tried to keep track of those times and figure out what is triggering them? Here are five triggers that might be causing your migraines that you can easily avoid.

1.      Caffeine

Caffeine might be what you need to keep you going on a hectic day, but unfortunately too much caffeine can leave you with a thumping head and it can also trigger migraines as you come down off the caffeine high.

While coffee is the most obvious caffeine trigger, you should take caution with other foods containing caffeine such as chocolate or tea.

2.      The Ponytail

Ever tie your hair up in a ponytail and there’s that one hair that’s pulling too tight? It gets so annoying that it actually starts to get painful?

The ponytail hairstyle puts stress on your scalp and over a few hours you might notice yourself developing a headache – try a looser bun or hairstyle that won’t pull and tug, or create any unnecessary stress on your scalp and head.

3.      Staring at a Computer Screen

Concentrating on computer and television screens for long periods of time release inflammatory neurotransmitters that can lead to headaches or migraines.

If you have to work with computers for long periods of time, such as at work, adjust your screen settings to lower the brightness and make sure to take regular breaks away from the screen to give your brain a short break.

4.      Strong Odours

Some flowers omit really strong odours, and even when they’re extremely pleasant smells, they can be too strong for some migraine sufferers.

If you notice the beginnings of a migraine when you are around flowers, remove them from the situation and hopefully you can avoid a painful migraine.

5.      Leftovers

We all love a bit of leftovers, but leftovers containing protein begin to produce a compound called Tyramine as it breaks down. This compound has been known to cause headaches, so it’s best to throw leftovers with meats and high sources of protein out after 48 hours.




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