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5 Simple Steps To A Romantic At-Home Massage

By , February 9, 2021

Lock down some quality time with your partner this Valentine’s with a super romantic at-home massage. 

There are so many benefits to partner massage. Apart from the obvious brownie points gained, massage can relieve tension, soothe sore muscles, grow the bond between you and your partner and maybe get you in the mood!

When you receive a massage your body releases oxytocin, also known as ‘the love hormone’, which develops a sense of love and affection. 
While you may not be a professional at massage, the gesture and action demonstrates selfless love and builds intimacy… if done right.

So we’ve put together 5 simple steps to create a romantic at-home massage experience.

1. The Lead Up

Agree with your partner that you are planning for some “us-time”. Dropping the offer of a surprise massage on them as they fall through the front door with bags of shopping might not be the ideal time. It is best to plan the massage for evening time, ideally before you have had dinner. 

Start off by settling into the mood by getting into a set of robes and maybe share a little glass of wine. Take the evening to another level of comfort with a soak in a warm bubble bath or long shower together.

2. Create A Space

The bedroom is probably the best place to create your pop up massage sanctuary. We’re looking for a quiet space where you can feel the most comfortable and free from distraction and keeping it in the bedroom can be convenient if the massage leads on to extra romantic activities.

You can perform the massage on the floor or the bed. Think ahead about protecting the bed / floor from massage oil spills by lining the surface with extra towels. If you are opting for the floor, make sure and put down lots of pillows or a duvet first to make it super comfy.

The atmosphere can make or break a good massage. Dim the lighting and light some scented candles. Choose calming scents such as lavender, sandalwood or jasmine. Set the room temperature before entering and turn on some soothing music.

3. Massage Oils

There are tons of massage oils to choose from. You’ll find them in the pharmacy, online or you can also make you own. You don’t have to use a massage oil but using it will help your hands glide over your partner’s skin with ease. 

For those with sensitive skin Baby Oil is often recommended. Other at home options are olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil. You might like to mix in an essential oil of your choice to add some fragrance. Another option is to use a body lotion / moisturising cream although these tend to dry out a lot faster.

4. The Massage

Encourage feedback from your partner by asking are there any areas they would like you to focus on and what kind of pressure they like. Ask them on a scale of 1-10 how heavy they want you to go. 

Use the basic massage techniques; slow gliding strokes, kneading the muscles and applying firm pressure in circular motions to any knots you come across. Try using your thumbs or fingers to access the tighter areas and use the palms of your hands when targeting larger areas.

Listen to their breath, feel when they are tensing and releasing and guide your hands intuitively to these signals.

It is important to remember you are not a professional masseuse so just relax and have fun. 

After the massage take 15-20 minutes to rest before hopefully swapping over roles.

5. Post Massage

If you can peel yourselves out of the bedroom then maybe share a candlelit meal together. If everything went to plan and you are both feeling snuggly and relaxed then the prefered option might be to order your partner’s favourite takeaway and then enjoy the rest of the night on the sofa or back in bed.

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