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5 Last Minute Homemade Mothers Day Gifts

By , March 13, 2015

So Mother’s Day is this Sunday and you still haven’t done anything about getting your Mum a present. No need to run out a buy an expensive last minute gift, instead why not put your brain to work and make a thoughtful, homemade Mothers Day gift. Easy, inexpensive and really sweet.

1. 10 Things I Love About You Jar

Super easy and totally free. Grab an empty jar, if it’s not empty then say goodbye to a pot of jam (you don’t need to tell your Mum about this part) and clean out all the contents. Fill the jar up with meaningful messages about why your Mum is the greatest, what you appreciate about her, why you love her and other lovely little thoughts.

Wrap it up with a pretty ribbon and voila! It’s the little things that make a bigger impact sometimes.

2. Create a DIY Pamper Evening for Her

Make her one of these homemade body scrubs and run her a candle-lit bath. While she’s relaxing, melt some chocolate and get marshmallows and strawberries for a fancy fondue-feel and chill a nice bottle of wine for her. We bet she will really appreciate all the effort and thought that goes into planning a pamper-evening.

3. “Because I Love You I Will…” Box

This is a similar concept to the jar but it requires a little more long-term effort on your part. Cover a small cardboard box with some pretty paper and decorate it with pretty quotes or flowers or artsy items. Fill it with little tokens stating that you will do a certain chore that she hates for a week/month. Eg. Because I Love You I Will.. do the ironing for a month.

Now that’s a gift she is guaranteed to appreciate!

4. Sentimental Photo Frame

Find an old slab of wood that’s lying around the place, most houses will have a slab of wood somewhere in the garage. Find one or two special photos of you and your mother. Get a piece of cardboard or black/charcoal paper. Find a meaningful quote about Mother’s and all they do for you and write it on the black paper with chalk. Spray it with hairspray to avoid smudging. Use thumb tacks or metal clips to pin the quote and pictures onto the wood.

5. Make Her Some Homemade Jewellery

This one is great, particularly for young children who want to get stuck into some arts and crafts. This penne statement necklace is striking and stylish and really easy to make. Click here for full instructions.

Be sure to send us your pics to if you try your hand at any of them!


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