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Lanú Medi Spa

Lanú Medi Spa

Dublin Road, Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland

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les molloy
Reviewed by les molloy 30th October 2013
avoid this spa

"Avoid this spa - they use unqualified therapists for colonic irrigation - which is a highly specialist and invasive therapy. They are only interested in profit and rip you off with their prices. There is an old saying 'pay peanuts and you get monkeys. There seems to be a high turn-over of staff - never a good sign !"

Reviewed by Unimpressed 23rd September 2013
Really avoid if you can

"I went to this spa as a group and it was an absolute fiasco. Appointments were messed up, eyebrow tint was appalling - I actually had to have someone try to remove the tint it was so badly done. Shellac nails all peeled off - some within hours and the spray tan was the worst I have ever encountered, blotchy and some parts of my leg completely white.
Staff didn't seem to care they had messed up so badly. Would never ever recommend to anyone.

Reviewed by Dee 5th April 2011
just lovely...

"Relaxation room is just beautiful... Went in for a mini manicure and got the whole Spa experience... Just lovely"

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