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By , February 10, 2010

The focus of Dermalogica products is to educate in continuing skin health.  They aim to counteract the problems they associate with traditional quick-fix ‘beauty’ treatments.

It all began just over 25 years ago with the establishment of the International Dermal Institute (IDI) in California.  This school of skin care was set up by a UK trained skin therapist, Jane Wurwand, who identified an absence of continuing skin and body therapy education in the U.S. 

Following on from this, Wurward decided to develop a range of products based on the institute’s ethos of skin care.  And so, Dermalogica was born.  Today IDI is seen as a postgraduate school for therapists and can be found in 40 locations worldwide.  Dermalogica products are available in nearly 50 countries and only from locations where trained professionals are on site to advise customers.

Dermalogica products are free from all common irritants and break-out causing ingredients as well as all artificial colours and fragrances.  The emphasis is solely and clearly on classifying skin care as a health issue as opposed to a cosmetic concern.  The brand happily claims: “We’re not pretty.  Or beautiful.  Or pampering.  Or luxury.”

The range of products includes your cleansers and moisturisers, but also a huge selection of boosters and masks for specific skin types.  They also have an array of anti-ageing products, brightening formulations, tinted moisturisers, sunscreens, shaving products and body products.

Dermalogica products and treatments can be found in spas and beauty salons across the country.  Spas that provide Dermalogica treatments all incorporate skin mapping to customise treatment to your individual skin type.


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